Monetary Donations:

To make a monetary donation you may submit your payment online via PayPal by clicking the donate button below, or you may send checks made payable to Touching Lives With Comfort Foundation, Inc.  Checks can be sent to:

Touching Lives With Comfort Foundation, Inc.
920 Frederick Road
Catonsville, MD 21228


In-Kind Donations:

Pillow Pets
Super Hero capes
Girls Jewelry (lead free)
Cut socks (boys/girls)
Skull caps (boys/girls)

Stretchy 2" head bands
Travel sized games
Card games
Invisible ink notebooks
Mini bottles of nail polish
Nail polish remover pads (no bottles)
Kids word search books
Chapter books for children
Comic books
Kids magazines
Survivor bracelets
Sketch pads
Colored pencils
Mini Picture frames
Mini finger bikes
Mini Legos
Action Figures
Polly Pockets
Littlest Petshop
ITunes Gift Cards
Sports logo stickers
Gomu erasers
TechDeck mini skateboards
Matchbox Cars
Hex Bugs
Pretend Spy Glasses
Jacobs ladder
Rubik's cube (or other hand held puzzles)
MP3 Players
DS games
Stationary for children
Tissue paper
Medium sized paper gift bags

This list is not inclusive.  If you have questions regarding donations and/or to make arrangements for donations please contact us at

All donations will be used for one of our three programs: Pillow Pets for Pediatrics, Kapes for Kids and/or Goody Gift Bags.