About TLC

Our mission is to provide comfort and distraction to hospitalized, critically ill children and their families. 

The challenges of a hospital stay can be overwhelming to both the ill child and his/her family; therefore, it is our hope that Touching Lives With Comfort can ease a hospital stay and brighten a child's life during an incredibly difficult time.  If we are able to make a child smile, provide comfort during a difficult time and make them forget, if only for a second, then our mission has been accomplished. 

Our comfort items are delivered to the Child Life Specialists, Nurses, and/or Social Workers who are helping the children and families cope during the hospital stay.  Those staff are responsible for distributing the items that TLC provides. 

Our Programs

Pillow Pets for Pediatrics
A major program under TLC where we distribute pillow pet donations to children at local Baltimore hospitals and foundations.  Pillow Pets provide great comfort to children, especially those dealing with a challenging time in their life.  We've found that children LOVE them.

"Kapes" for Kids
Our goal is to be able to provide "super hero" capes to boys and girls, alike.  A super hero cape might just lift a child's spirits and make them feel like they have "super powers" to battle their illness.  The kids are already heroes, in our eyes, but these capes will provide a little fun for them!  We've partnered with Power Capes at http://www.powercapes.com/ to purchase these adorable capes at a reduced rate, making it much easier to provide more children with a super hero cape. 

Goody Gift Bags
For this program it is our goal to provide themed "gift bags" for boys and girls full of fun items that can provide distraction and comfort while hospitalized, confined to a bed and/or room for a good part of their stay.  After all, kids want to be kids no matter where they are.

Remembering Moms
Parents are faced with difficulties too, while dealing with the illness of a child and possibly taking care of a family and other children.  TLC wants to let Moms know that they are thought of too.  Mother's Day is a great day to let those moms know they are being thought about.  TLC will provide hospital foundations and Child Life specialists with inspirational necklaces to be presented to moms, with critically ill children, on or around Mother's Day.