Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Fundraising Time!

It's getting to be that time of year where you'll have many opportunities to participate in fun fundraising events to help us meet our goals for the 2014 Holiday Season which is quickly approaching (hard to believe).  It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that we were diligently tagging, boxing and distributing pillow pets to all of the hospitals and charities for last year's holiday season.
We really need the support of the public this year, as it's been hard to establish grants and secure any large donations from corporate companies in providing us with pillow pets.  Plus, we've been on a mad hunt for pillow pets recently and haven't had much success finding them in the stores.  Hopefully, this is just temporary, as when viewing the selection online, more and more new pillow pet designs keep popping up!  We will continue to purchase from CJ Products at cost, but are always in search of pillow pets locally! 
We distributed over 1400 pillow pets last year at the holiday season and anticipate the same number or more in requests this year. 
We will be holding our Annual "Party for A Cause" this November, which will include a Silent Auction, DJ, and vendors.  We will also be having a few restaurant fundraisers from now until mid-November, and a Pancake Fundraiser!  We are also in the works of setting up a Wine & Paint Fundraising night that will include food and wine and a fun night of painting-no artistic experience necessary!  Lastly, it is our hope to bring back our inspirational necklace fundraiser as well for the holidays, as the necklaces make great gifts for family, friends, and teachers!

Stay tuned for more to come and ways you can participate and help us meet our requests for the 2014 holiday season!


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