Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Holidays Are Almost Upon Us!

So, here we are, it's December 18th and the holiday season is in full swing.  Joy, Hope, Faith and Love abound. Hope, Faith , Believe and  Love are all words that TLC has been living by since our inception, and all of them have meaning in so many ways for the foundation, but for today we'll focus on Hope.
Prior to November, TLC did not know if it would be able to provide so many hospitalized children, as it did last holiday(over 1,000), with a pillow pet through it's Pillow Pets for Pediatric program... Our supply was virtually depleted, our funds were scarce and donations at the time were few to none. Hospitals started to reach out and request donations, and TLC was nervously making arrangements to deliver, but truly not knowing if we could follow through... However, we held onto hope, that with our fundraisers and holiday drive that somehow we would be able to meet and perhaps exceed the requests of the hospitals for this 2012 Holiday Season.    

Well, guess what??? With amazing supporters, TLC has met that challenge!  TLC has raised enough funds and received enough in-kind donations to meet all of the requests from the hospitals and foundations!  We CANNOT do it with our wonderful donors who wish to help us make a difference for a child who is hospitalized.

With YOUR wonderful and generous donations TLC will have reached 1,000 hospitalized children this holiday season.  Many whom will receive there pillow pet on Christmas morning.  Thank you for helping a child experience the joy and hope of Christmas this year, while they are unable to be at home, celebrating as most families do.  Thank you for spreading Holiday Cheer and helping children be comforted by an item  they would most likely have at home and helping them feel like children in what is most often a sterile environment.

Wishing you Joy, Hope, Love and Faith this Holiday Season and in the New Year.