Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Madness

We are all familiar with March Madness in the world of basketball.  Touching Lives With Comfort (TLC) had its own kind of March Madness this month. TLC was super busy this month doing some pretty exciting things. Our focus for the month was fundraising and exposure.
We sure did a lot of both! We held two fundraising events within the community as well as launched a campaign, "Remembering Moms." All in the month of March!  How did things end up? Looking pretty sunny- all done with sanity in tact.  

Through our Peace A Pizza fundraiser and Dimitri's guest bartending event we raised a little over $2000 combined! We'll be able to continue to provide more comfort items to hospitalized children and their families-whether it be a pillow pet, fun bag, inspirational necklace, super hero cape or something else; all will go to help a child cope (and/or a family member) with their stay in the hospital! What are the benefits of providing such items?  There are many, but to name a few; the items allow children to "feel" like children, provide distraction from the hospital routine, lets them know someone cares about them, provides comfort to help a child feel at ease, helps through a difficult procedure, and creates a positive relationship between the care provider(nurse, child life specialist, social worker, etc...), that gives the item, and the children and their families. 

Through our "Remembering Moms" campaign we raised enough money to purchase approx. 200 necklaces to provide to moms, who will be spending their mother's day, in a hospital, bedside to their child.  This exceeds our original goal by approximately 50.  Now we'll be able to provide to Moms with children at Sinai, UMCH and Hopkins!  The response to this campaign was incredible.  We are thankful to all who supported this campaign, and are helping to brighten a mom's day  while providing a small word of constant encouragement to them through our necklaces.

March Madness was a success!  All with the help of many volunteers who helped to bring each event together. It couldn't have been accomplished with out so many  helping hands!  We had a burst of growth during March and look forward to continuing to grow and develop as time moves on.  We are excited that more and more people are learning about what we are doing and are choosing to support TLC's mission and vision.   TLC couldn't be more thrilled with the support we've gotten, as well as the number of children we've served in our short existence since October 2011, and look forward to reaching out to more children and families in 2012.