Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Holidays Are Almost Upon Us!

So, here we are, it's December 18th and the holiday season is in full swing.  Joy, Hope, Faith and Love abound. Hope, Faith , Believe and  Love are all words that TLC has been living by since our inception, and all of them have meaning in so many ways for the foundation, but for today we'll focus on Hope.
Prior to November, TLC did not know if it would be able to provide so many hospitalized children, as it did last holiday(over 1,000), with a pillow pet through it's Pillow Pets for Pediatric program... Our supply was virtually depleted, our funds were scarce and donations at the time were few to none. Hospitals started to reach out and request donations, and TLC was nervously making arrangements to deliver, but truly not knowing if we could follow through... However, we held onto hope, that with our fundraisers and holiday drive that somehow we would be able to meet and perhaps exceed the requests of the hospitals for this 2012 Holiday Season.    

Well, guess what??? With amazing supporters, TLC has met that challenge!  TLC has raised enough funds and received enough in-kind donations to meet all of the requests from the hospitals and foundations!  We CANNOT do it with our wonderful donors who wish to help us make a difference for a child who is hospitalized.

With YOUR wonderful and generous donations TLC will have reached 1,000 hospitalized children this holiday season.  Many whom will receive there pillow pet on Christmas morning.  Thank you for helping a child experience the joy and hope of Christmas this year, while they are unable to be at home, celebrating as most families do.  Thank you for spreading Holiday Cheer and helping children be comforted by an item  they would most likely have at home and helping them feel like children in what is most often a sterile environment.

Wishing you Joy, Hope, Love and Faith this Holiday Season and in the New Year. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


This Saturday Night, Nov. 10th!

Come join us at The Phoenix Emporium in Ellicott City for our next fundraiser to support our programs for critically ill children and their families.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Save the Date and Come Party for a Cause

It's hard to believe that October is upon us, which means the holidays will quickly be upon us.  Therefore, it's time for TLC to start planning events to support it's biggest distribution of comfort to the hospitals!  And by comfort we mean pillow pets!  We have large shoes to fill this year; we have received requests already from many of the hospitals we've been working with and there will be more to come.  Last year we had some help from My Pillow Pets which made our distribution to so many hospitals and children a bit easier; this year we do not have that luxury.  Therefore, we are relying heavily on donations and funds raised to make this year's Pillow Pets for Pediatrics program a success! We need to raise enough money and/or receive in-kind donations of pillow pets so that we can reach at least 1,000 children, but with the hopes of reaching even more.

We've got many things planned to help us reach this goal, including an "Party with Purpose," "Shopping for a Cause" and our annual Pillow Pet Collection Drive.  Stay tuned for more info. But for now,


November 10, 2012


The Phoenix Emporium

Happy Hour

Round up your husband, friends...anyone!....and join us for fun night.
Enjoy a la carte dining (20% of proceeds benefit TLC),
  50/50 raffle, awesome silent auction items from the Ravens and more,
DJ music and full bar with guest bartenders.
We Hope You Can Make It!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Peace A Pizza Fundraiser, Thursday, September 13th

TLC is holding it's second restaurant night fundraiser at Peace A Pizza!  Our last one in March was hugely successful; therefore, we thought it would be great to do another one as the fall approaches!  It is our hope that we will be able to raise some funds to use towards our purchase of pillow pets for our annual holiday distribution of pillow pets to the hospitals.  This distribution has become quite popular with the hospitals and they are already looking forward to receiving pillow pets. 

TLC is hopeful that we can meet the needs and expectations this year, but we need our faithful supporters help, as we cannot do any of this with out you.  Last year we distributed pillow pets to over 14 hospitals throughout Baltimore and DC.  We are hopeful that we can serve ALL of those hospitals again this year.

So, why not come on out on the 13th and let someone else do the cooking, while supporting a good cause!  20% of the proceeds from the evenings sales will be donated to TLC! 

Please print the coupon and bring with you on the 13th.  You must present the coupon at the time of purchase to ensure credit of 20%.

Please contact us if you have any questions, touchingliveswithcomfort@gmail.com or 443-690-3433.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Reaching the Hearts Of More Than Moms Of Critically Ill Children

Our Mother's Day Project has come to a close, but the impact of the project will be long lasting. For those of you not familiar with this, it was our first attempt to provide some real TLC to the moms of a critically ill, hospitalized child;  for the moms and children who cannot celebrate Mother's Day as most of us do; honoring mom on "her" day.  Moms always put everyone else before them.  TLC wanted to do something to comfort these moms by giving them a special inspirational necklace on Mother's Day.  Our goal, as always, was simple, to let them know they are thought of and to provide a bit of comfort!  TLC was able to exceed our original goal of providing 145 moms (We reached well over 250 moms).  What we've learned in this week just past Mother's Day is that the results of the project are far reaching, well beyond what we ever imagined.  Our small gesture has provided moms and children with a warm memory of this Mother's Day. We've already had requests from the hospitals to do this again next year.... Will we? Without a doubt, and we'll touch the hearts of many more! 

We are always amazed at how willing people are at wanting to help, whether it is a monetary donation or time.   TLC worked closely with an amazing woman who handcrafted every single one of these necklaces for us (check out her beautiful work at Ivie Ridge http://www.etsy.com/shop/IvieRidge).  All of our communication was via email as we are located in Baltimore and she in Texas. 

The Monday after Mother's Day TLC started to receive emails, phone calls and letters about the necklaces. We learned that not only the hearts of the moms receiving the necklaces were warmed, but those of the children, staff and other family members as well.  Children at many  of the hospitals were able to pick a necklace out and then present it to their mom.  Children were super excited about this opportunity to give to their mom on mom's special day! From a Pediatric Liaison at Sinai we've heard that the "moms were touched by the gifts, all of the moms put the necklaces on right away.  Many of the moms are their long term and they were conversing with each other, comparing necklaces and just so happy to receive a thoughtful and meaningful gift."  TLC received wonderful feedback from University of Maryland Children's Hospital(See below)l as well.  Even a three year old boy was so excited that he called his mom and said "Hurry up, I have a surprise for you!  You, know what a surprise is, right?". ), and one quote from a mom.... "I love it, I'm never taking it off."  One last moment to share; a mom and teenage daughter each received one from Sinai.  The daughter was having an extremely difficult day and was in tears.  The staff on hand decided the daughter needed something to lift her spirits and let her choose one of the wrapped boxes; just so happens that the daughter picked a necklace that had her birthstone color on it! She was thrilled and her disposition changed for the better after that (see photo below)! 

     ( mom, and now happy daughter! Note, they are both wearing their necklaces)

As always it takes many hands to help provide comfort.  We could not have made this happen without our wonderful donors, volunteers and jewelry maker. Blessings to all that had a hand in touching the lives of so many and providing comfort and love in so many ways we could not foresee.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Madness

We are all familiar with March Madness in the world of basketball.  Touching Lives With Comfort (TLC) had its own kind of March Madness this month. TLC was super busy this month doing some pretty exciting things. Our focus for the month was fundraising and exposure.
We sure did a lot of both! We held two fundraising events within the community as well as launched a campaign, "Remembering Moms." All in the month of March!  How did things end up? Looking pretty sunny- all done with sanity in tact.  

Through our Peace A Pizza fundraiser and Dimitri's guest bartending event we raised a little over $2000 combined! We'll be able to continue to provide more comfort items to hospitalized children and their families-whether it be a pillow pet, fun bag, inspirational necklace, super hero cape or something else; all will go to help a child cope (and/or a family member) with their stay in the hospital! What are the benefits of providing such items?  There are many, but to name a few; the items allow children to "feel" like children, provide distraction from the hospital routine, lets them know someone cares about them, provides comfort to help a child feel at ease, helps through a difficult procedure, and creates a positive relationship between the care provider(nurse, child life specialist, social worker, etc...), that gives the item, and the children and their families. 

Through our "Remembering Moms" campaign we raised enough money to purchase approx. 200 necklaces to provide to moms, who will be spending their mother's day, in a hospital, bedside to their child.  This exceeds our original goal by approximately 50.  Now we'll be able to provide to Moms with children at Sinai, UMCH and Hopkins!  The response to this campaign was incredible.  We are thankful to all who supported this campaign, and are helping to brighten a mom's day  while providing a small word of constant encouragement to them through our necklaces.

March Madness was a success!  All with the help of many volunteers who helped to bring each event together. It couldn't have been accomplished with out so many  helping hands!  We had a burst of growth during March and look forward to continuing to grow and develop as time moves on.  We are excited that more and more people are learning about what we are doing and are choosing to support TLC's mission and vision.   TLC couldn't be more thrilled with the support we've gotten, as well as the number of children we've served in our short existence since October 2011, and look forward to reaching out to more children and families in 2012.

Friday, March 9, 2012

TLC Out And About

 Some pretty exciting things have been happening here at TLC!  March arrived and we've been busy and on the go ever since!  March 1st, we had the honor of attending Sinai's new Children's Hospital Ribbon Cutting.  It was  a family event; the children got to attend as well!  It was a lovely event with tons of activities for children.  The Guest Speaker was the founder of Cookies for Kids (sell cookies to raise research money for children's cancer research).  TLC learned that night that apparently the funding for children's cancer research is limited.  Sinai's new Children's Hospital is amazing; any family having a child at Sinai should feel at ease with the environment to help children feel at ease as well as the quality of care they will receive.  The theme of the Children's hospital is "under the sea" and is very appealing to all, but especially children, which is all part of the healing process.  TLC was excited because our pillow pets were proudly on display in each room on the beds!  Sinai will be officially opening the new children's hospital on March 19th.  There will be a small celebration in the hospital and the children will "parade" from the old children's hospital to the new wing, and when they arrive, the kids will find a pillow pet waiting for them, on their beds.  TLC is happy to play a part in this event!  Next up-several fundraisers, our first fundraiser was a restaurant night fundrasier!

On March 7th we had a restaurant fundraiser at a local pizza parlor (Peace A Pizza) in our community.  The event was super successful and had a large turnout.  TLC was very excited about this.  Money raised from this event will be used to purchase inspirational necklaces for moms with critically ill children.  The necklaces will be presented to the moms on or around Mother's Day.  On March 28th we will be having a "Guest Bartending" night at Dimitri's International Grille, located in CatonsvilleThe evening will be full of fun, with guests from Ravens24x7.com, Catonsville Ravens Club and More!  We'll have 50/50 raffles and an awesome silent auction!  We've been busy securing items for the auction and have some really cool items, including an autographed baseball from Orioles player, Nick Markakis, Cal Ripken's new book, Super-sized Slugger, signed by Cal, restaurant gift cards, jewelry gift cards, wine, and many many more.  Lastly, we've launched our "Remembering Moms"  campaign where you can order an inspirational necklace to be donated to a mom for Mother's day.  Orders for the necklaces will close on March 23rd.  Check out our events page for more info. on our Guest Bartending Night on March 28th and our "Rememberin Moms" information and order form.  As always, stay tuned for more.   

Friday, February 17, 2012

Peace A Pizza Night Fundraiser

Touching Lives With Comfort (TLC) Restaurant Night 
Peace A Pizza
March 7, 2012

20% of the sales will benefit the mission of TLC Foundation
(to continue to provide items of comfort and distraction to critically ill, hospitalized children and their families)

Must present Coupon below to ensure 20% to TLC
Please print
(click on coupon then right click to print)
Hope to See You There!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remembering Moms

Spring is in the Air!  Although, we are still in the throws of Winter, it certainly doesn't feel like it.  There are blooms of daffodils and tulips springing up all over the place.  I, personally, like the warmer winter days that we've had thus far.  Before we know it, Spring truly will be upon us, and we'll be focusing on all the things that come with spring.  One of those is Mother's Day!  TLC wants to honor moms, that have critically ill children, this coming Mother's Day. 

Think about the stress and all of the emotions that must come with having an ill child, trying to care for a family and yourself.  My guess is most moms put themselves at the bottom of that list.  Times are trying for these moms.  They are most likely filled with emotions that most of us cannot understand, because, fortunately, we have not been in their shoes.  TLC wants these moms to know they are thought about.  So, we will be undertaking a project "Remembering Moms." It is our goal to provide moms at University of Maryland Children's Hospital as well as The Walter Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai with "inspirational" necklaces.  The Child Life Departments at each hospital are thrilled about this idea, and think the moms will truly appreciate it.  Here is an image of the necklaces (however, words such as Hope, Faith, Love, Believe, and Grace will be the imprinted images) 
Dictionary Pendant - Wild Rose - Soldered Heart Shaped

TLC feels these will make meaningful gifts.  They will be delivered, wrapped and ready to go, to the hospitals prior to Mother's Day.  Most mom's will receive this on Mother's Day, but some might get one before or after.  We have a big order to fill; between the two hospitals we could use as many as 145 necklaces.  That means we have a lot of fundraising ahead of us!

Fortunately, the seller has agreed to sell these at a greatly reduced rate, making it a reality that we can purchase a large number. Every $7.00 that is donated to TLC can be used to purchase one of these beautiful necklaces!

TLC is busy at work creating a few fundraising events in hopes to raise funds for this project (Restaurant Night and Guest Bartender Night-dates to be announced soon).  We are also hopeful that there may be some Moms Clubs, Scout Troops or other clubs that may want to support this cause.  

Spread the word to all who might be interested in supporting this project!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Demand Vs. Supply

Our Pillow Pet Program has skyrocketed! We are thrilled about this.  What we have found is the demand is there and we fear that soon it will be greater than the supply.  We've been very fortunate to have so many wonderful and generous donors, as well, as a wonderful working relationship with the maker of My Pillow Pets, which has allowed us to touch the lives of so many critically ill children. 

Through monetary donations received by TLC we are able to purchase the "My Pillow Pets" at cost, a big savings, making the money stretch further to purchase more pillow pets than you would be able to through retail.  We are ever so grateful to CJ Products for this opportunity, and for them in supporting our mission to comfort critically ill children. 

We received 366 donated pillow pets, and enough monetary donations to purchase an additional 96 making our total 462 for the holiday drive.   Our balance as of now is 240.  It will go fast.  We anticipate it being depleted this Spring or shortly thereafter. 

It is our goal to fund raise year round and will accept donations, whether monetary or in-kind year round so that we may be able to continue to supply the hospitals and foundations with pillow pets as the needs arise. 

Please remember that you can donate year round to support the Pillow Pets for Pediatrics program, or any other efforts of TLC.   There are many ways to donate; monetarily directly to TLC, hold a "drive" through your club, organization or group, collect for TLC in lieu of birthday presents for a birthday party.  If you have any questions or ideas on how to donate, please feel free to contact me at touchingliveswithcomfort@gmail.com or 443-690-3433

Monday, January 16, 2012


Many of you are probably wondering what our status is post holiday drive? Here it goes....our drive gave us an additional supply of 462 pillow pets for delivery to hospitalized children.  That is 462 children that will be comforted by your love and support.   Our donors make all of this possible.  Without your kind donations we would not be able to reach so many children.

A BIG thank you to all who contributed to our drive, whether you donated pillow pets, money, or volunteered your precious time to help us get our deliveries completed!   "Pillow Pets for Pediatrics" was a success in December, and we are  ever so grateful to each and everyone who helped to make it successful... many we'll never be able to thank personally.

We had so many groups and clubs that made TLC their charity of choice for the holidays, many of them children's groups.  It was really wonderful to see the kids working so hard to to help other kids "feel better."   Here are some of those clubs, to name a few: The Catonsville Stars Cheerleaders collected 65), Brownie Troop #4085 from West Friendship (for raising money and purchasing 10), the St. Agnes 3rd grade girls Basketball Team ( for raising money to purchase 21), and Westchester Elem. School Student Council's Pillow Pets for Pediatrics Committee(for promoting, developing fliers, and collecting over 100 pillow pets), and to Jackson, 5th grader at Westchester for making it his mission to collect as many as possible (over 50). 
St. Agnes 3rd Grade Basketball Team

Jackson, a student at Westchester Elementary School
Student Council Pillow Pet for Pediatrics Committee

Girl Scout Brownie Troop # 4085 West Friendship

Through the month of December we were busy scheduling and making deliveries to 14 hospitals and foundations.  The "Pillow Pet Wagon" on many days was filled to the brim with boxes upon boxes of pillow pets that were about to find loving homes.  The wagon made stops at University of Maryland Children's Hospital, Georgetown University Hospital, The Children's Hospital at Sinai, The Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics at Sinai, The Ronald McDonald House, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, GBMC, Dr. Bob's Place, St. Joseph Medical Center, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital, Howard County General, Casey Cares and Health Care for the Homeless.

In the month of January we have donated 200 to Johns Hopkins Children's Center to replenish their supply, and have more deliveries scheduled in February and March.  

Happy New Year.... Stay tuned for more in 2012