Saturday, December 17, 2011

What's Been Going On?

A  lot, that's what!  Donations have really ramped up this past week! We've had girl scout troops make donations, the drop boxes throughout Catonsville have been full, emails are coming in asking about how to make donations, other groups have been collecting and then delivering to TLC and so much more.  But, earlier this week TLC learned of one very special person who has made it his mission to collect as many pillow pets as possible for the children that benefit from TLC.

Meet Jackson.  He is a 5th grader at Westchester Elementary School and is part of the student council's Pillow Pet Committee.  He made it his personal mission to collect as many of the pillow pets as he could to help other children.  What an incredible act of compassion and kindness!  From what we understand, Jackson reached out to family and friends and the pillow pets started pouring in for him. As you can see from the picture below, he is surrounded by the cute animals!  And that's only part of what he has collected.  Pretty awesome, huh?  What one person can do is truly amazing.  At last count, he was nearing 50 and hoping to go higher.  This one little boy will have a huge impact on 50 other children (or more), helping to bring smiles and comfort to them.

Jackson not only has collected the Pillow Pets, but was very eager to be "hands on" and helped when we delivered 168 pillow pets to Sinai Hospital. 

It’s a very selfless act and TLC is humbled by his desire to help others.  Jackson is a shining star with some “far-reaching hospitality” to dish out.   Way to go Jackson! 

Jackson and his "pets"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Community Involvement

Just heard recently from two organizations, The Catonsville Stars and St. Agnes Girls Basket Ball that they have made TLC their charity for donating to this year!  Both organizations will be working on collecting donations of Pillow Pets that goes hand in hand with the Pillow Pets for Pediatrics Holiday Drive! 

I love that children will be helping out other children!  Kudos to both. 

TLC is honored they have chosen our organization to support this holiday season!

Many blessings to both.