Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making this "REAL"

We've been very busy at work at making TLC a go.  It has been a whirlwind over the last four weeks, but oh, so very exciting!  Brian worked diligently to get all the paperwork filed, and setting up the website for me to then edit, add and create!  We still have a ton of work (and paperwork) ahead of us; I feel that we are progressing steadily along at a good pace. 

We've got ideas for other programs and have made contacts with companies who are willing to work with us allowing us to purchase products at cost.  It's such a wonderful feeling knowing there are companies who are working to make a profit, but also care about the community at large and are willing to help charitable foundations.  My Pillow Pets/CJ Products is certainly one of them! They were so generous with their recent donation to us, and allowing us to continue to purchase at cost.  As well, we now have Power Capes on our side to help us purchase adorable super hero capes at a greatly reduced rate!  These two companies care about children.

The focus now is on getting ready for our 2nd Pillow Pet Holiday Drive!  We are reaching out into the community much more this year, and are happy that so many have been open and receptive to help us with the drive!

The desire from so many hospitals to have the pillow pets donated to them has certainly made me realize we have a ton of work to do.  I can only hope we can meet all of the hospitals wishes for the pillow pets now and in the future! 
This year we will not only be giving to one hospital but rather to five + hospitals and foundations in the Baltimore area.  This is truly exciting. 

We've got lots of work to do, but have secured the help of many, including our children's school student council.  They will be busy at work making posters and fliers and promoting the drive in the next few weeks.

More to come about the drive! Check back regularly! 

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