Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Kapes" for Kids

Have you ever seen the super hero capes that are made for kids? Some are girly with  a flower emblem, or crown, etc.. some are boyish with lightening bolts, etc.  To me, they are super cute and would make a great gift for a child in the hospital.  These capes might let the children "escape" for a bit, and let their imaginations take them to places where they can be a super hero battling against the evil villains (disease and illness).  Truly, children who are battling a disease or illness are super heroes and deserve to have some fun even in the hospital.  We are able to purchase the capes from at a reduced rate per cape. It's wonderful when you can find a company to work with that value and understand children need to be children no matter what the circumstance!  Thank you PowerCapes!

 I would love to be able to purchase 100 to have on hand to gift to children.  If everyone who read this blog donated $7.00 we could make this idea become a reality. 

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