Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling Grateful

It's hard to believe that we are approaching the end of summer.  Touching Lives With Comfort has been very busy throughout the year, continuing with deliveries to many hospitals and foundations!  Our supply of pillow pets has been depleted to almost zero.  We are working on securing some grants, as well as putting together a few fundraisers for the fall.   We'll be having another Peace A Pizza night (September 18th) in September, and then our 2nd Annual Party for a Cause at the Phoenix Emporium in Ellicott City (November 9th).  Mark your calendars!  We hope to see you at these events!  The Holiday Season is our busiest time of year and we'll need to raise enough funds to help secure items to reach over 1500 children.  More and more people are discovering our foundation and learning about the good things we are working to accomplish.  We are confident we'll be able to meet the needs of the children this Holiday Season.  We are so grateful for all that has occurred thus far!

We are also extremely grateful to Catonsville United Methodist Church's (CUMC) Vacation Bible School program this summer.  Every year the vacation bible school chooses a foundation to support, and collects money throughout the week from the children attending.  TLC was totally shocked and surprised when we found out that our foundation was going to be this year's recipient!  What a BLESSING that was!   We were even more surprised, and utterly left speechless when at the week's end closing ceremony, we learned just how much the wonderful children of CUMC VBS had raised. 

Drum roll......the children raised $1,107.92 for TLC (more than the original amount presented to us at the closing ceremony-see below)! 

We are so impressed, delighted and humbled by this extremely generous and giving donation from the children who attended CUMC VBS!  What big, loving and caring hearts these children (and their parents!) have. This donation will help us reach approx.  90 children who are facing serious illness and are hospitalized.  Ninety children that we can help lift the spirits of, to help provide a bit of comfort and sense of security to, that are in a sterile environment, that is nothing like the comforts of their own home! Thank you to the VBS Program Coordinator for choosing us, to all of the CUMC Children (and their families) who attended bible school in July and making such generous donations! 

Feeling Blessed and Forever Grateful....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A New Year

It's February 12th, 2013.  We've wrapped up our holiday drive and are looking forward in this new year, hoping for continued growth in what Touching Lives With Comfort Foundation can do and provide through the year and years to come.  Of course, at the present time our most popular and strongest program is our Pillow Pets for Pediatrics; however, we have many ideas that we hope we can develop and bring to fruition, thus providing more comfort and services to children and their families while hospitalized. 

Through our end of year fundraising and our annual Pillow Pet drive we were able to meet our goal of providing over 1,000 children with Pillow Pets again this year at 5 local hospitals, Georgetown University in DC, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Casey Cares and the Ronald McDonald House!  We think this quote from a Child Life Coordinator at Hopkins sums up our purpose of providing comfort through the Pillow Pets for Pediatrics program: "They (meaning Pillow Pets) really are the best gift to meet the needs of all the kids in the hospital!! Nothing is more comforting!" 

However, with that being said, our supply of pillow pets is very low, with only roughly 140 pillow pets.  We need some serious fundraising, grants awarded and donations to continue this program.  The holiday season is not the only time of year that the hospitals are seeking to receive the pillow pets, just our busiest.

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, we recently created gift bags stuffed with the mini pillow pets and a handmade valentine's card to be distributed to 135 children at University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Children's Center and Sinai. The deliveries are underway!  Mother's Day is not too far off in the near future and we'll be kicking off our Remembering Mom's fundraiser very soon so that we may provide Mom's of critically-ill hospitalized children with a special inspirational necklace on Mother's Day (to be presented to mom by child). 

TLC will be busy working on many things in 2013, but especially fundraising and program development!  We hope that you will continue to support our efforts, spread the word, and if interested find out what you can do to help!  Also , if you know of a child that is hospitalized, or seeking treatment for a critical illness who might need a little pick me up or comfort, please let us know and we'll see if there is something we can do to help brighten a child's day, or provide a little comfort along their difficult journey. 

A few pictures below from some happy recipients. 

Check us out on Facebook too! Our Facebook page is Touching Lives With Comfort Foundation, Inc. (TLC), like us on FB to stay tuned to what's going on.!/pages/Touching-Lives-With-Comfort-Foundation-Inc-TLC/267295973302288

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Holidays Are Almost Upon Us!

So, here we are, it's December 18th and the holiday season is in full swing.  Joy, Hope, Faith and Love abound. Hope, Faith , Believe and  Love are all words that TLC has been living by since our inception, and all of them have meaning in so many ways for the foundation, but for today we'll focus on Hope.
Prior to November, TLC did not know if it would be able to provide so many hospitalized children, as it did last holiday(over 1,000), with a pillow pet through it's Pillow Pets for Pediatric program... Our supply was virtually depleted, our funds were scarce and donations at the time were few to none. Hospitals started to reach out and request donations, and TLC was nervously making arrangements to deliver, but truly not knowing if we could follow through... However, we held onto hope, that with our fundraisers and holiday drive that somehow we would be able to meet and perhaps exceed the requests of the hospitals for this 2012 Holiday Season.    

Well, guess what??? With amazing supporters, TLC has met that challenge!  TLC has raised enough funds and received enough in-kind donations to meet all of the requests from the hospitals and foundations!  We CANNOT do it with our wonderful donors who wish to help us make a difference for a child who is hospitalized.

With YOUR wonderful and generous donations TLC will have reached 1,000 hospitalized children this holiday season.  Many whom will receive there pillow pet on Christmas morning.  Thank you for helping a child experience the joy and hope of Christmas this year, while they are unable to be at home, celebrating as most families do.  Thank you for spreading Holiday Cheer and helping children be comforted by an item  they would most likely have at home and helping them feel like children in what is most often a sterile environment.

Wishing you Joy, Hope, Love and Faith this Holiday Season and in the New Year. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


This Saturday Night, Nov. 10th!

Come join us at The Phoenix Emporium in Ellicott City for our next fundraiser to support our programs for critically ill children and their families.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Save the Date and Come Party for a Cause

It's hard to believe that October is upon us, which means the holidays will quickly be upon us.  Therefore, it's time for TLC to start planning events to support it's biggest distribution of comfort to the hospitals!  And by comfort we mean pillow pets!  We have large shoes to fill this year; we have received requests already from many of the hospitals we've been working with and there will be more to come.  Last year we had some help from My Pillow Pets which made our distribution to so many hospitals and children a bit easier; this year we do not have that luxury.  Therefore, we are relying heavily on donations and funds raised to make this year's Pillow Pets for Pediatrics program a success! We need to raise enough money and/or receive in-kind donations of pillow pets so that we can reach at least 1,000 children, but with the hopes of reaching even more.

We've got many things planned to help us reach this goal, including an "Party with Purpose," "Shopping for a Cause" and our annual Pillow Pet Collection Drive.  Stay tuned for more info. But for now,


November 10, 2012


The Phoenix Emporium

Happy Hour

Round up your husband, friends...anyone!....and join us for fun night.
Enjoy a la carte dining (20% of proceeds benefit TLC),
  50/50 raffle, awesome silent auction items from the Ravens and more,
DJ music and full bar with guest bartenders.
We Hope You Can Make It!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Peace A Pizza Fundraiser, Thursday, September 13th

TLC is holding it's second restaurant night fundraiser at Peace A Pizza!  Our last one in March was hugely successful; therefore, we thought it would be great to do another one as the fall approaches!  It is our hope that we will be able to raise some funds to use towards our purchase of pillow pets for our annual holiday distribution of pillow pets to the hospitals.  This distribution has become quite popular with the hospitals and they are already looking forward to receiving pillow pets. 

TLC is hopeful that we can meet the needs and expectations this year, but we need our faithful supporters help, as we cannot do any of this with out you.  Last year we distributed pillow pets to over 14 hospitals throughout Baltimore and DC.  We are hopeful that we can serve ALL of those hospitals again this year.

So, why not come on out on the 13th and let someone else do the cooking, while supporting a good cause!  20% of the proceeds from the evenings sales will be donated to TLC! 

Please print the coupon and bring with you on the 13th.  You must present the coupon at the time of purchase to ensure credit of 20%.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or 443-690-3433.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Reaching the Hearts Of More Than Moms Of Critically Ill Children

Our Mother's Day Project has come to a close, but the impact of the project will be long lasting. For those of you not familiar with this, it was our first attempt to provide some real TLC to the moms of a critically ill, hospitalized child;  for the moms and children who cannot celebrate Mother's Day as most of us do; honoring mom on "her" day.  Moms always put everyone else before them.  TLC wanted to do something to comfort these moms by giving them a special inspirational necklace on Mother's Day.  Our goal, as always, was simple, to let them know they are thought of and to provide a bit of comfort!  TLC was able to exceed our original goal of providing 145 moms (We reached well over 250 moms).  What we've learned in this week just past Mother's Day is that the results of the project are far reaching, well beyond what we ever imagined.  Our small gesture has provided moms and children with a warm memory of this Mother's Day. We've already had requests from the hospitals to do this again next year.... Will we? Without a doubt, and we'll touch the hearts of many more! 

We are always amazed at how willing people are at wanting to help, whether it is a monetary donation or time.   TLC worked closely with an amazing woman who handcrafted every single one of these necklaces for us (check out her beautiful work at Ivie Ridge  All of our communication was via email as we are located in Baltimore and she in Texas. 

The Monday after Mother's Day TLC started to receive emails, phone calls and letters about the necklaces. We learned that not only the hearts of the moms receiving the necklaces were warmed, but those of the children, staff and other family members as well.  Children at many  of the hospitals were able to pick a necklace out and then present it to their mom.  Children were super excited about this opportunity to give to their mom on mom's special day! From a Pediatric Liaison at Sinai we've heard that the "moms were touched by the gifts, all of the moms put the necklaces on right away.  Many of the moms are their long term and they were conversing with each other, comparing necklaces and just so happy to receive a thoughtful and meaningful gift."  TLC received wonderful feedback from University of Maryland Children's Hospital(See below)l as well.  Even a three year old boy was so excited that he called his mom and said "Hurry up, I have a surprise for you!  You, know what a surprise is, right?". ), and one quote from a mom.... "I love it, I'm never taking it off."  One last moment to share; a mom and teenage daughter each received one from Sinai.  The daughter was having an extremely difficult day and was in tears.  The staff on hand decided the daughter needed something to lift her spirits and let her choose one of the wrapped boxes; just so happens that the daughter picked a necklace that had her birthstone color on it! She was thrilled and her disposition changed for the better after that (see photo below)! 

     ( mom, and now happy daughter! Note, they are both wearing their necklaces)

As always it takes many hands to help provide comfort.  We could not have made this happen without our wonderful donors, volunteers and jewelry maker. Blessings to all that had a hand in touching the lives of so many and providing comfort and love in so many ways we could not foresee.